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Loft Insulation Kent, Folkestone, Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Maidstone, Sittingbourne

Why Loft Insulation?  You must remember - heat rises! So the best way to stop heat escaping is by insulating the loft space of your home. Loft insulation tends to be a lot cheaper than other types of insulations such as cavity wall insulation.  

Will It Reduce My Energy Bills? Although we couldn’t guarantee this, loft insulation will improve your chances of having lower energy bills. Loft insulation helps keep the heat contained within your home thus making it viable to have the heating, in the cold months, switched on for less time.

Can I Have Boarding & Insulation?  Of course you can, we can raise the boarding to be above the insulation. If you’re thinking about having both installed we recommend you have the insulation installed before the boarding.

Is It Expensive?  Loft insulation is one of the most, if not the most, cheapest form of insulation you can have for your property. Also considering it’s likely to save you money on your energy bills we feel loft insulation is a very valuable thing to have inside your home. Loft Insulation is fantastic value for money!

We offer free quotes and are fully insured. We cover all of Kent including Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone. To arrange your free loft insulation quote please call us on 0800 078 7945.

Loft Insulation In Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone & All of Kent

We supply and fit loft insulation all over Kent including our immediate area of Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone. Loft insulation is becoming a popular option for providing your home with greater insulation and lower energy bills. It tends to be the best and cheapest insulation option available. We provide free quotes and advice and are fully insured. For a free quote please call us on 0800 078 7945.